Five Useful App Marketing Tips

Even ten years ago the game marketing was much easier because developers and publishers didn’t need to care about reviews and the place in the app store that much. But times have changed and even games have changed. Now, this is a rather risky enterprise, because competition has increased significantly, the demands of players on the product have risen too, and the costs of have skyrocketed. As a result, you need to invest more and more effort into game marketing.

Here’s what you need to do:

Soft launch and measure your app KPIs

You will also need to monitor metrics and KPIs such as retention (basically it shows the “likeability” of your product), ARPU (you can use it to predict your future income), paying conversion (it shows the quality of your acquired users and how smart you were with game level building) and some others depending on the type of the product.

Start a referral campaign

What you will get:

  • new motivated customers;
  • conversion boost;
  • loyal users;
  • increase in sales;
  • increased brand awareness;
  • evaluation of user satisfaction (it may be low if relatively few of them are willing to act as referrers);
  • increase organic reach on social media.

All you need to do is to create a comprehensive referral program and test it during the soft launch.

Interact with gaming influencers

You can also call them referrers because they present information in a soft, unobtrusive, and recommendatory manner and they also basically rely on the trust of potential consumers.

In 2017, Next Games, a Finnish mobile gaming company, used this method to advertise their game “Walking Dead: No Man’s Land”. The company hired popular YouTubers and recorded videos where they were playing the game in real life.

Focus on ASO

ASO currently uses the following resources:

  • app name with keywords;
  • subtitles with keywords;
  • application description with keywords;
  • interesting promotional text with keywords;
  • convenient in-app purchases;
  • localized icons;
  • screenshots of the most interesting moments;
  • videos (interesting/useful);
  • average rating (you need to work on the rating);
  • application size;
  • updates and “What’s New” (it’s important to keep people informed);
  • localization;
  • inbound links.

Work with app reviews

It is difficult for new apps and games to get to the top of app stores. However, if they are really good and you use correct marketing strategies, you may be surprised how quickly your product may become popular.



Product Owner at Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games and apps.

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Vera Karpova @devtodev

Product Owner at Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games and apps.