Case: How Black Temple Improved Their tutorial Conversion From 29% to 65% With the Help of devtodev

Studio and project

Core Gameplay

Meta Gameplay

First Launch

  1. The cinematic trailer has been watched.
  2. Learning tips have been passed.
  3. The Blacksmith meets us after passing the mine.
  4. The Blacksmith sends us into the mine.
  5. 2nd mine is completed
  6. 50 stones from residents have been received.
  7. Smelting explained.
  8. Smelted resources have been taken.
  9. A stone pickaxe has been created.
  10. The player found the first chest.
  11. The chest is being open.
  12. The chest has been open for hard currency.
  13. The keys have been received.
  14. Skills demonstration.
  15. Daily bonuses demonstration.
  16. Meeting with the Boss.
  17. The Boss has killed the player for the first time.
  18. The Boss has killed the player for the second time.
  19. The second level has become available,
  20. Fireball has become available.
  1. The beginning of the game demands way too much of the player’s reaction and interaction. At the same time, the developers thought that the game was ‘too simple’ during the tutorial.
  2. There’s a sharp leap in complexity between the introductory mine and the one that was meant to be completed without any guidance whatsoever. The first mine had 5 walls to destroy, and the second one had 10 already.
  3. Those who passed the second mine didn’t see the point of digging into the third one, although according to the plan, it was where they should have found their first chest.
  4. After the third mine, people lost interest and motivation to go further, as since this moment the game was not leading them by hand anymore. The developers expected that players would want to reach the end of the floor by themselves.
  5. It was too hard to pass the Boss.

What’s next?

  • complexity began to grow very smoothly;
  • the game leads the player ‘by hand’ until the very end of the tutorial;
  • now there are more arrows, especially in the most obvious places ;
  • screen lock appeared, preventing the players from losing their way in the tutorial;
  • “boring” moments were improved with dialogues and quests;
  • the Boss cannot be defeated “on the move” anymore — you should level up first. After your hero gets stronger, the fight becomes very easy. The importance of leveling up is shown to the player again; previously it was just introduced on the village screen.




Product Owner at Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games and apps.

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Vera Karpova @devtodev

Vera Karpova @devtodev

Product Owner at Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games and apps.

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