5 YouTube Channels About Game Design

I like games and I kinda work in a gamedev related company. To keep up with news and current events and everything that’s going on in the industry I have to watch some useful Youtube channels. I decided to categorize them a little bit and make a short list of those I really like. So, here we go:


The Game Developers Conference or simply GDC is one of the most important industry events and obviously it has its own Youtube channel. Most videos are reports and speeches from the conference but from time to time they upload some episodes on developing games. The best thing here is that you can hear designers, artists, programmers and other remarkable gamedev professionals firsthand. You can also post comments and talk to your colleagues or people with similar interests.

This channel is the most serious one in my list and you are very welcome here if you want to see good content more often than independent youtubers can produce.

Game Maker’s Toolkit

I think that everyone in the gamedev industry knows Mark Brown and his awesome channel Game Maker’s Toolkit.

He analyzes old and new video games and reveals how they are organized in terms of their game design. He teaches how to create an interesting level in Super Mario Maker or in Hitman 2, design a great dungeon, he explains what makes a good racing game or a good puzzle and sometimes even talks about unique games where a player can tell his personal story (like Anatomy of a Side Quest). It’s clear that the Game Maker’s Toolkit videos are interesting for both gamers and game designers.

Design Doc

One more great Youtube channel about design where the author with his energetic voice explains complicated questions with simple words and examples. It’s obvious that he invests tons of time and effort into making his videos and he likes what he’s doing. He makes game deconstructions, talks about their mechanics and design, UI/UX, dialogs, boss fighting and so on. He even compares bad and good design which is really useful for anyone who just started in the field.

New Frame Plus

This is a relatively new channel with more than 100 000 subscribers. It stands a bit aside from others because it is focused almost exclusively on the animation but not on mechanics or dialogues or deconstructions. Daniel Floyd simply talks about animation and how it is used in various game situations.

devtodev education center

This is an education channel about game analytics and game design with bearded Russian analyst (it’s me actually) talking about monetization, traffic, metrics and so on. Sometimes I invite interesting guests and we discuss topics like myths about player retention or developing a game community. Very useful for anyone working in the gamedev industry.

You can find more interesting channels in the full version of this article at the devtodev website.

Analyst at www.devtodev.com. Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games.

Analyst at www.devtodev.com. Everything you need to know about analyzing and improving games.